Cable Railings

Cable railings are becoming increasingly popular for homes and businesses alike. Consisting of just end posts, corner posts and mid posts with tension cables running between, this variety of rails is affordable and easy to install, yet still durable.

Why should you consider a cable railing?

  1. While they do not provide much privacy, a cable railing still offers the security and protection as other fence and rail materials, keeping your family, your home and your property safe.
  2. The posts and cables are incredibly strong and durable, meaning they will last with minimal maintenance.
  3. Since cable rails have far fewer posts and no horizontal boards, you will still have a great view of the world beyond your fence or railing.
  4. Cable railings are relatively affordable and easy to install, so you can enjoy your new rail as soon as possible without breaking your budget!
  5. Though relatively simple, these railings add a smooth, contemporary appeal to any property.



Courtesy of Riverside Fence