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Get Started on Spring Landscaping Early by Installing a New Fence Now

Get Started on Spring Landscaping Early by Installing a New Fence Now It may seem like winter will never end, but the reality is that spring is right around the corner. In fact, many homeowners across Michigan and beyond are already making plans for their spring gardens and landscaping projects. One great way to get […]

Maintenance Free Fences

Maintenance Free Fences A new fence can redefine a yard, highlight landscaping aspects, or increase safety around a pool area. Traditional materials, such as wood and wrought iron, make decorative yet functional fences with classic looks. They also require an extensive amount of maintenance to keep them stable, in great condition, and beautiful year after […]

Helpful Tips For Painting your Fence

Helpful Tips For Painting Your Fence Ask a Fence Company what their customers inquire about the most and the answer is usually painting. Painting a fence can seem like an overwhelming task, but it does not have to be with the right tools. Straight Line Fence is dedicated to helping their customers learn to properly […]

HOA Friendly Fence Tips

Consider your HOA When Building a Fence At first glance, homeowners’ association rules may seem a little nitpicky and pedantic. However, the goal of HOAs is to maintain a neighborhood standard that improves property values and quality of life. A fence, even a well-chosen one, may have a significant effect on neighbors, and a poorly […]

Summer Maintenance Tips for Wood, Vinyl, and Aluminum Fences

Some fencing materials require more maintenance than others, No matter what material property owners choose, it’s important to evaluate the condition of their fences periodically to ensure they are looking their best. Read on to find some tips regarding summer maintenance for wood, vinyl, and aluminum fences below to find out what to look for […]

Tips on Choosing the Right Residential Fence

Almost any property or yard can be successfully surrounded by a Custom Fence for safety, privacy, looks, increased property value, and security. Before beginning a project with the help of a local Fence Company, homeowners should make a few important considerations. In the sections below, readers will get some easy tips on choosing the right […]

The Best Fence Types for Big Dogs

Anyone who has a big, energetic dog knows how hard it can be to contain them. After all, many big dogs still think they’re puppies, and they have fun barking at cars and chasing squirrels. When there’s a furry family member who doesn’t realize his or her size, it’s important to carefully consider Custom Fence […]

Things to Consider When Planning a Spring Fence Installation

With winter finally over, many property owners are beginning to give some thought to home improvement projects, including the installation of new fences. Early spring is arguably the best time of year to install a Custom Fence in Michigan; the ground has thawed, plants and animals are beginning to emerge from their yearly hibernation, and […]

Estimating the Cost of Privacy Fence

For homeowners, a privacy fence provides them with a more enjoyable property overall. It gives them a barrier that prevents prying eyes from watching their every move. It also allows them to relax more in their outdoor spaces. The following is a review of how to estimate the cost of a privacy fence for a […]